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I Do Care About You (VORE) [Enderlox x Jason]
It was a warm, bright spring day. The trees were swaying in peace, and golden light peeked through the leaves in the birch forest, bringing out the green moss and grass below. From the bushes, a sudden rustling stirred the small animals away as Ty stepped out into more of the forest. As always, Jason was not too far behind, begging for someone to stay by him. Something he loved to do, but Ty hated the most.
"Ty!" Jason whined, following after his good buddy. "Please don't leave me! I didn't mean to weird you out or anything, I didn't mean it like that!" He begged. He had thrown Ty a little 'surprise party' while he was hunting, scaring off all of the sheep, of course. He was just lonesome! He wanted someone to be with, so he hugged Ty and without thinking, he blurted out, "Ty! I wanna be with you!" Ty jumped to conclusions immediately, stalking off to find more prey, far away from Jason. Which led to where they are now. Ty wanted to be alone, and full. Jason was giving him the opposite
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Hardcore Parkour (Sibakighostdil40lox?) [VORE]
Ty sat in his chair and stared at his monitor, he was suffering from a severe case of boredom. His face lit up when he got an incoming skype call from his friend, Bodil.
Ty messed with his hair and quickly answered, "Sup dude?" He greeted, "Hey Ty! Wanna do a parkour map?" Bodil asked, clearly in a lively mood. "Sure!" Ty cheered, they both talked for a bit, and hung up.
Ty stretched and got out of his chair, after getting himself freshened up, he walked downstairs to the kitchen. 'Meh, I'm not really hungry right now.' He decided, leaving out the door. 'I'm more impatient to do something than hungry!' He smiled as he walked outside.
When he arrived, he was greeted by Baki, Simon, Ghost, and of course, Bodil. "Hey guys!" Ty greeted, they all responded happily and began playing the map.
Halfway through, Ty met up with Baki. "Hey Baki!" Baki smiled and waved back, Ty's smile faded to a look of irritation as his stomach growled, and he put a hand to his abdomen. 'I should have eaten somet
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Drunken Mistake (Ghostlox) [VORE WARNING]
Yes I know this shits old
"Hmm...This one too!" Alex smirked as he grabbed another bottle of liquor and stuffed it in a bag, grabbing almost anything he could see that looked alcoholic. After he was satisfied with nearly two bags of drinks, he walked to his car and started the engine. He let out a sigh of excitement as he stepped on the gas and drove to Ty's house.
Once he had arrived, he knocked on the door. A nervous looking Ty answered, "Are you sure this is a good ide-"
"Of course!" Alex interrupted, "It'll be fun!" Ty sighed before nodding slightly, widening his eyes at the bags full of alcoholic beverages. "Uhm...All of that?" Alex nodded, "I'm gonna get you to pass out tonight!" Ty looked unsure, then shrugged. "Oh, alright." He smiled weakly before letting Alex in his home, a mistake where both of them would have to suffer the consequences.
Ty shut the door behind Alex and walked into the kitchen, where he was pulling out a bottle of vodka and a bottle of whiskey. Ty swa
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Foreign Snack (Bodilox) [VORE WARNING]
Disclaimer: I do not take full credit for the story, a friend of mine helped with the beginning and the title.
"SHREK IS LOVE SHREK IS LIFE!" Bodil laughed loudly, startling his friend.
"Bodil whyyyyee!?!??!" The borrower complained. Bodil continued bantering, even falling back on his haunches.
"Hey, Simon, Bodil, stop talking so loudly, you're gonna alert the predator here!" The third borrower complained.
"Awh come on Alex, enjoy yourself though!" The Bulgarian borrower whined playfully, only to stop when they all heard footsteps.
"Hide!" Simon hissed, and they all managed to duck under the couch in time to avoid the house owner's senses. They all stayed silent until the predator walked out of the living room and into the kitchen, and Alex sighed.
"Ok coast clear." He murmured, and he and Simon sat up in relief. Bodil stared to the next room, seeing the predator as he looked out the window. The sun reflected his auburn hair, and illuminated his red eyes. His nostri
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Sandwich? (Skylox) [VORE WARNING]
"What do you want from me?" Adam growled weakly at a nearby squid. He had been captured while out looking for supplies, now tied up to a metal chair in what looked like a chemistry room in the squid base.
The squid said nothing, only grabbing a syringe filled with bright green liquid that seemed to be glowing. Adam's eyes widened at the sight of the mysterious concoction, and he gasped inwardly and began to struggle desperately to break the rope bonding his wrists together.
"Don't worry...we be the ones won't kill you..." The squid muttered before holding the leader down and injecting the green stuff into his veins.
Adam screamed, then began to feel woozy, unable to fight out of approaching unconsciousness. The last thing he saw was a squid approaching him...with a sandwich? He narrowed his eyes in confusion before blacking out.
It was early in the morning when Adam woke up, feeling numbness slowly tricking out of his limbs. When he opened his eyes, he recognized the ki
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Instinctive (Skylox) [VORE WARNING]
"Hey Adam?" Ty asked, walking into his friend's room. "Yeah Ty?" He replied, looking up from his computer happily. Ty had a look of doubt on his face, which caused Adam's smile to droop a bit in confusion.
Ty hesitated a bit, then sighed. "I-I'm sorry about this..." He trailed off guiltily, pulling a splash potion out of his pocket, knowing this would be much easier than trying to pin Adam down. Adam's eyes flashed open in fear as he tried to get up and duck behind his desk.
Ty saw this opportunity to do it while he still could and began taking aim, before Adam could do anything else, Ty threw the bottle at him, causing him to fall over at the impact and sudden change in form due to the effects from the potion.
Adam broke into a fit of coughing and looked up to see Ty staring hungrily down on him. 'Great, just great! He shrunk me for winter!' He thought to himself, remembering that his rather brother-like friend was a predator.
Ty seemed to realize that Adam knew what was going on and
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read my shit at your own risk <3



How come Sunny sneezes every time she sees vore
My 101st follower on wattpad (@AngryBananna) gets to be in my next fanfic who wants it
If so, I need to clean my page up! :0
Should I be more active here?
Woah damn some people just don't let shit go lmao


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Hi! Welcome to my page! :D

Quick warning, I have a vore fetish. I may upload art and fiction other than vore from time to time, but for the most part my content will be mainly vore related. You have been warned.

If you're okay with vore, feel free to do anything you want on this account. As long as it doesn't bash anything I'm interested in, I'm fine with having it here. :)

Open to RPs and collabs!

Vore preferences
- - - - - - - - - - -
My ideal predator is Ty, I'm very picky you'll come to find. :>
M/f or m/m vore. Only male preds, female preds are gross in my opinion.
I mainly like unwilling in both parties, but I also do willing for one or the other, rarely both pred and prey are willing.
Sweet/kind pred is adorable
Soft/hard, I like both.
Implied digestion, I don't usually write anything without it. The prey usually comes back/respawns though.
Same/half size, micro depending on my mood
Sleepy/emotional/stuffed pred afterwards is very important
- - - - - - - - - - -

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